Hoho!~ What a silly question that is. Our beautiful captain, of course!



A devil fruit’s curse isn’t tied to the shadow of its owner, simpleton!  And what’s more, people notice it when I start tugging at their shadows!  Even if Blackbeard was weakened enough by my attack to not fight back, I’d still have to worry about these guys:

…well, except for Laffitte.  I don’t know what kind of devil fruit he ate, but I’m not really scared of someone whose special power is, “putting on the ritz”.

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The golden halo should look fancy with my earings~

I wonder what possibly makes you think that~

Birds of a feather

flock together…

But I never intended to be a pirate in the first place, not to mention a pirate king… We all know there is only one person worthy for that position~

Merci~ Well, I could not agree more, after all, we are my favorite crew too! Hohoho!~